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(That claim of record funding has been challenged, because GOP leaders tend to talk in terms of sheer dollar figures without taking inflation into account .) Its video, in the works for about two weeks, arrived on the same day that 35 House Democrats called for a special session to improve education funding. Fred Piccolo, spokesman for the Speaker's Office, called the timing coincidental but beneficial, saying, "We were going to address the issue anyway." The ad takes issue with the "union bosses" and the media who "parrot" them in suggesting that education spending will rise by less than a dollar per student overall. Most reports have noted that the concerns have been that the amount available for unrestricted use was limited, particularly after lawmakers funneled large amounts into school safety. Related:  The Legislature raised funding by 47 cents per student. Here's how Florida schools are coping. But "working Floridians who pay for our schools are not fooled," the narrator intones. "To those Floridians, if it walks like education spending, and talks like education spending and comes out of their wallet like education spending, then it's education spending." The ad also takes to task districts it suggests spend too much money outside the classroom. It states that less than 55 percent of school employees are classroom teachers, with more than 1,100 social workers, 31,000 paraprofessionals, 22,000 secretaries and clerical staff, and 45,000 service workers in the ranks. "That's why we put this $100 increase in per student funding directly into the classroom, bypassing the bureaucracy," the narrator says. (Much of the new funding is allocated into security and mental health services.) She adds, "To them [bureaucrats], it's not about kids. It's about control." Piccolo acknowledged that making such statement could be viewed as over broad, in that many districts do not face such concerns as too-high administrator to teacher ratios. But the goal, he said, is to get the message out that problems like this do exist in some large systems that need to control their spending.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/gradebook/2018/05/18/florida-house-majority-office-goes-on-offense-to-tout-its-public-education-funding-plan/

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Florida Doctor

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