Ten Months Later, A Mostly-recovered Duane Is Telling Her Story To Help The American Stroke Association/american Heart Association Increase Public Awareness.

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"No clue," she said last week. "I didn't know what to think." Her 11-month-old daughter cuddled up next to her mother on the floor. Four hours later, Duane's husband called, having discovered their baby was not with a sitter as expected and his wife was not at her afternoon pharmacy shift. Alyssa Duane somehow managed to touch the iPhone watch on her arm and groan. Ten months later, a mostly-recovered Duane is telling her story to help the American Stroke Association/American Heart Association increase public awareness. May is Stroke Month and on May 18 she will be a model in the organizations' First Coast Go Red for Women Luncheon. Duane is one of about 7 million adults in the United States who have had a stroke, which is the fifth-leading cause of death and a leading cause of preventable disability. The type of stroke she had, ischemic stroke, is the most common, affecting about 80 percent of victims, according to David Miller, medical director of the Mayo Clinic's Comprehensive Stroke Center, where Duane's doctor is based. Fortunately for her, there have been "momentous" advancements in stroke care during her lifetime, Miller said. "In the last 20 years we've started to be able to … reverse the affects of a stroke.

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